At Impact Partners, we look to finance powerful documentaries that address contemporary social issues.

We are looking for projects that tell strong, cinematic stories, explore the urgent issues and questions of our time, and have a clear point of view and artistic vision. Through our general and development funds, we invest in 10-15 projects a year, and we review projects year-round on a rolling basis. If you are working on a feature-length or episodic documentary and are looking for funding, we welcome you to submit a Letter of Inquiry using the LOI Submission Form. 

LOIs should fit on one page and be around 500 words. They should be attached in .doc or .pdf format to the LOI Submission Form. Please see LOI guidelines for our general and development funds below.

Our team will do our best to respond to your LOI in 2-4 weeks. If you are invited to submit a full proposal, we will follow up with you directly with next steps. 

If you have any questions about the LOI or our submissions process or are unsure which fund to apply to, please visit our FAQ.



If you are interested in applying to our general fund, the LOI should include:

  • Logline or short synopsis
  • Background on the film team: directors, producers and any key crew
  • Information about the stage of the project
  • Total budget amount and the financing raised so far (include a list of funding sources to date)


We're looking for early-stage projects that have a director attached and have secured some access. Filmmakers can apply for development funds ranging from $30,000-$100,000 for a variety of reasons as they get their projects off the ground, including development shoots, cutting a trailer or reel, conducting archival research, casting characters, etc. See the projects supported through our development fund here.

For projects in development, the LOI should highlight what's special about your film or series and your vision for the project. Do you have unique access? Have you discovered an incredible archive or compelling characters?

An LOI for development should include:

  • Logline or short synopsis
  • Background on the film team: directors, producers and any key crew
  • Information on access to key subjects, archive or other materials
  • Format details (i.e. series or feature, or if it could be either, please indicate why)
  • Total budget amount and the financing raised so far (if any)
  • A requested funding amount for development, including how you plan to use the funds
  • Deliverables you plan to create with the requested funds (i.e. what do you plan to have at the end of the development process?)