Producers Resources

At Impact Partners, we work closely with the producers of the films we support. Over the years, we have recognized the essential creative role producers play in the documentary filmmaking process. We have also found that often they are underappreciated and underserved. We created our Emerging Documentary Producers Fellowship to do our small part to support and cultivate a new generation of talented documentary producers. 

In conjunction with the Fellowship, we wanted to highlight some useful resources compiled by great documentary film organizations who also provide support and mentorship to filmmakers. For whatever stage your project is in, these resources will help guide you through the often stressful filmmaking process. 

Impact Partners Documentary
Producers Fellowship

In the fall of 2015, we launched our Documentary Producers Fellowship with the goal of celebrating the documentary producer, and fostering emerging producing talent in the field. 

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In Production

  • Impact Partners: Sources of Documentary Financing

    Impact Partners wrote this overview of the various sources of documentary financing and their pros and cons. A great place to start when you're beginning to look for funding. 

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  • Impact Partners: The Gift Speech

    At TIFF's Doc Conference in 2013, Story Syndicate's Dan Cogan gave this speech about navigating the producer-investor relationship, published in full in Indiewire. A thought-provoking exploration of how to approach a healthy and mutually beneficial investment relationship. 


  • IDA: Documentary Grants

    There's a grant for almost every type of documentary - but sometimes, this literal wealth of opportunities can be overwhelming. The IDA has a comprehensive list of documentary grants available on their website.


  • Doc Society: Funds

    Doc Society is a non-profit with three funds you can choose to apply to: Climate Story, BFI / Doc Society, and Threshold. 

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  • Kickstarter: Creative Handbook

    Kickstarter's Creative Handbook will help you get the most out of your crowdfunding campaign.


  • Film Independent: Case Studies

    Looking for the nitty gritty of getting a film financed and made? Film Independent's Case Study blog series offers specific and honest insight into the lives of a variety of independent films.


  • Doculink: Budget Guide

    Doculink walks you through the steps of understanding, planning, and creating your budget.

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  • Hot Docs: Guide to Co-Production

    Hot Docs' Guide to Co-Production gives an overview of, and covers the benefits and downfalls to, this kind of structure.


  • Rory Peck Trust: Safety & Security Resource

    The Rory Peck Trust offers this resource on safety and security when filming in dangerous situations.


In Post

  • Impact Partners: 10 Principles of Pitching

    Impact Partners created this list of 10 principles to keep in mind when pitching your film to funders and broadcasters/distributors. 

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  • POV: Filmmakers Calendar

    Add POV's For Filmmakers calendar to your own calendar and never miss another deadline! This includes funding deadlines, calls for entries, festivals and other documentary events.


  • IFP: Post-Production Tips

    IFP offers these 8 important reminders of what NOT to do during post.


  • Center for Media & Social Impact: Fair Use

    The Center for Media & Social Impact breaks down copyright and fair use - especially what you, as a documentary filmmaker, need to know.


  • Indiewire: Ultimate Guide to Documentary Filmmaking

    Indiewire's Ultimate Guide To Documentary Filmmaking rounds up their best articles to support you throughout the filmmaking process.


  • Hot Docs: Guide to Pitching

    Pitching at a Forum or Market? HotDocs offers this guide to getting the most out of your pitch.


In Festivals & Beyond

  • Britdoc: Field Impact Guide

    BritDoc's Field Impact Guide helps your film make the greatest possible social impact.


  • Ted Hope: How to Prepare for Festivals

    Ted Hope curates this round up of articles on how to prepare for a film festival - and what to do once you get there.


  • Stranger Than Fiction: Distribution Advice

    For Stranger than Fiction, Thom Powers talks to experts across the doc industry, who offer advice on distribution from every possible angle.


  • POV: Engagement Strategists

    This list of Engagement Strategists from POV will help you capitalize your film's impact.


  • Women Make Movies: Independent Documentary Distributors

    Women Make Movies offers this list of independent documentary distributors for those seeking a non-traditional approach.